"Video: What happens when you buy out a store?"

"Kyle MacDonald, previously known for trading a red paperclip for house, has launched a new art project called “Store Buyout.” The idea is to walk into an unsuspecting store, buy absolutely everything, then turn it into pop art in a gallery the following week."

"Store Buyout"

"Guy walks into store and buys EVERYTHING."

"Kyle MacDonald famously traded a red paperclip for a house, using a series of shrewd trades, great PR, and the power of the internet. In this five-minute video, MacDonald explains how it happened. And no, you may not have my red paperclip. My red Swingline stapler, on the other hand, is available to trade for a dwelling of pretty much any size.

More recently, MacDonald (and a team of artists) decided to buy literally every item for sale in a corner store as part of an art project. “This is what we’re doing with our lives,” MacDonald said as he cleared out the store. It cost $10,000. Video after the jump, including sweet ELO soundtrack."

"Imagine walking into a store and buying everything.

Last week a group of artists walked into a New York City corner store and did just that. The unsuspecting store owner who's about to lose his store to rising rents broke down in tears, and then a large smile broke out across his face. Select products from the store will be sold at a pop up art gallery called The Bodega Boutique, housed within the wonderfully whimsical Fusion Arts Museum at 57 Stanton St, New York. "It was all for sale, so we bought it all." ....."

"Can Shopping Count as Art? Or Is This Guy Just Pompous?"

"This video came my way through a Facebook post by Kellee Magee. Kellee say’s, “if you adore independent retailers and/or crazy artists you MUST watch this sweet video.” We love  crazy artists and independent retailers! According to the website storebuyout.com , “ When a simple, yet fantastically audacious idea to buy everything in a store was hatched between beers in a Hawaiian hot tub, no one realized just how much it might positively affect someone else’s life.”

Shop local, it does matter."

"Rapaz do clip vermelho tem novo projeto"

"Store Buyout" is an art project with a lot of heart

"Artists Buy Everything In NYC Grocery & Resell As Art [Video]"

"Artists Buy Out NYC Grocery Store And Resell Items As 'Art' (VIDEO)"

"The art of convenience: Local artist and her friends buy out whole store to help struggling shop owner...and turn it into art"

"Five Artists Buy Out Entire Inventory of a Corner Store in New York City"

"Video: Artists Buy Out Inventory Of An Entire Corner Store"

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